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Lead Sniper

Get more business by having Lead Sniper generate exclusive leads with your ideal clients. Designed for lenders, realtors & brokerage owners. 

  • Highly Targeted Ads Using Your Branding
  • Exclusive Qualified Leads

Why Use Lead Sniper

Growing and scaling a business is all about using system to help you get new clients on demand

With lead snipers you’ll go from an empty pipeline to a full pipeline bursting at the seems.

Things to consider when growing your lead pipeline

  • Custom campaigns help you target your ideal client in your ideal area(s)
  • Exclusive campaigns using your branding ensure your advertising budget is optimized exclusively for your businesses growth [ and not your advertising company or your competitors]

All of the above. Done for you. Exclusively with Lead Sniper.  

Who is lead sniper ideal for?

Lead sniper is ideal for a lenders, realtors & brokerage owners who are looking to begin the process of scaling. We created this package for those who have succeeded at working with online leads in the past & have proven results at converting them & have capacity to do their own appointment setting. 


Get more business for your brokerage or team with Enterprise. A full suite of services so you never have to spend you or your team’s highly valuable time prospecting, qualifying or writing up drip campaigns ever again. 

  • Highly Targeted Ads Using Your Branding
  • Exclusive Qualified Leads
  • Appointment Setting
  • Live Transfers
  • 12 Month SMS & E-Mail Drip Campaign

Why Use Enterprise?

Say Good-Bye to Zillow or shared poor quality leads resulting in hours of wasted resources- and say hello to custom, exclusive appointments with only your ideal clients. 

Who is enterprise ideal for?

A busy brokerage owner or team leader who understands the importance of generating new business online but no longer wants to waste precious resources on sifting through poor quality leads.

One time set up

If your a new lender or realtor or just new to online leads but are ready to take advantage of the exponential growth online leads can provide- without the huge investment- then the One Time Set Up is for you!

  • One Time Payment
  • Done With You Lead Generating Social Media Ad Campaign
  • All Strategies & Creative Provided For One Campaign
  • Appointment Setting Scripts & Coaching Videos
  • No Costly Monthly Retainers or Long Term Agreements
  • You Are In Control of Your Monthly Ad Spend Budget


If you’ve never worked with online leads before- it’s going to take some practice. Instead of paying high monthly retainers with long term agreements or high cost-pay-per lead systems- use our One Time Set Up to gain experience working with leads at an entry level cost. The best part- we will provide you with the training you need to master it. 

Who is THE ONE TIME SET UP ideal for?

Newer agents or loan officers who are looking to get their toes wet before making a major commitment to a fully managed lead generation package. 

Appointment Hunters

If you are already generating your own leads but do not have the time to process them and set appointments- Appointment Hunters ISA service is for you. 

  • You Supply The Leads
  • We Set Up Our System To Get Your Leads Processed & Qualified The Way You Want - Fast.
  • We Contact [Up to 5 Attempts], Qualify & Schedule Them Into Your Calendar As Appointments.

Why Use Appointment Hunters?

Lead generation without proper systems to contact, qualify & process is setting money on fire. 

Things to consider for Maximum Lead ROI

  • Contact Your Leads Quickly & Efficiently
  • Use Proper Scripting To Persuade Leads To Take An Appointment With You
  • Follow Up With Your Leads Up To 5x Using Various Mediums
  • Overcome Appointment Objections
  • Manage Quality and Your Appointment Setting Team
  • Develop Custom Follow Up Systems For Your Specific Business
  • Source, Interview, Hire/Fire Skilled Appointment Setters
  • Choose Whether to Source Overseas or North America Appointment Setters [Ours are North America Based]
  • Develop Dashboards & Reports For Performance Management

All of the above. Done for you. Exclusively with Appointment Hunters.